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The Hands Which Made Bangladesh Proud

[ 0 ] May 28, 2014 |

As the world is about to witness the 20th FIFA World Cup tournament to be held in Brazil, one can only imagine the magnitude of work that had to be put in to make the event possible. The entire globe attempts to be a part of this international phenomenon in one way or the other: some as participants, some as fans, and some as builders of the tournament. The 32 countries that appear in the running to lift the Golden Cup bring their respective flairs to the game, and the drama along with the adrenaline we receive from the greener side of the pitch is to practically die for. But, what about those who make this game happen so seamlessly? FIFA World Cup is truly the World’s Cup, as it is responsibly held by not only the participating 32 nations along with the hosting country, but many other contributors who see to the completion of the tournament. Bangladesh, our beloved country, happens to be one of the unsaid contributors.

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Bangladesh is currently ranked at 162 by FIFA/Coca Cola World Raking and will take a few more years before qualifying for the first time ever in the tournament. Regardless, the country has found ways to participate in a tournament of this massive scale.

How? You may ask. Well, the jersey of the hosts will sport the name of Bangladesh, as the kits of Brazil for FIFA World Cup 2014 have been made in our country. The five time World Champions will be wearing the yellow and green jerseys with labels that boldly say ‘Made in Bangladesh’. The nation has quite the repertoire of going overboard with the pre-tournament celebrations, buying jerseys and monumental flags of their favorite teams and sporting the latter on buildings or roads. However, this time around, the sales of Brazil kits are likely to take a hike all the way up to the sky to honor the makers of the jerseys.


Bonus: The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has also decided that ‘Made in Bangladesh’ will not only be mentioned on the label situated at the collar but also at the bottom part of the jersey, to pay homage to the victims of Rana Plaza and Tazreen Garments.

The garments sector of Bangladesh holds a commendable fraction of the population of 160 million people, and they, as a community, serve as the sole reason the World Cup hosts, and possibly many other nations, will verse and laud the name of our nation. Hopefully, some time soon in the future, Bangladesh will play in this prestigious tournament, and be applauded for persistency and vigor.

We, at SideTackle, commend and salute the thousands of pairs of hands that has made this praiseworthy feat possible. They have, and they will, make Bangladesh proud in the foreseeable future.



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